Friday, September 11, 2020

Blended Learning: eBook Options

The teachers at Cherry Tree have been diving into the world of blended learning. As we continue to become more comfortable with this structure and more comfortable with using Canvas modules, I wanted to share some eBook and online reading options available to teachers through the Carmel Clay Public Library. These can all support your blended learning efforts during your literacy block. All the resources listed below can be found on the CCPL's eBooks and Reading page.


BookFlix is a fun and engaging online literacy resource. It pairs fiction stories with a related nonfiction eBook. Students are taken on a reading adventure as they listen to a video storybook, read or listen to a nonfiction book, play games related to the topic, and explore the topic further with curated websites. This is a great resource for our K-3 teachers.

Here is a student friendly video explaining how to use this resource:


TrueFlix offers hundreds of science and social studies units to supplement classroom instruction. Students can choose a topic of interest. They will watch a video related to this topic, read a nonfiction book, and be led to other curated websites and resources through TrueFlix. This resource is perfect for our 3-5 teachers. 

Here is a student-friendly video explaining how to use TrueFlix:

National Geographic Kids

This resource is perfect for our intermediate teachers! When logged in through the Carmel Clay Public Library, students can access hundreds of videos, pictures, books, and magazines on a wide range of topics. This resource could be used to help build background knowledge, dive deeper into a topic, or for independent research. It has fun and engaging content for students!

Here is a student-friendly video explaining how to use this resource:


TumbleBooks has over 1,000 titles for students in grades K-5! It includes animated, talking picture books, read-along chapter books, videos, and books in Spanish and French. Listening and reading along to age appropriate stories with rich langauge helps students build vocabulary and language comprehension. It's especially important to have resources like this available for students who are struggling with word-level reading.

Here is a student friendly video explaining how to use TumbleBooks:

There are endless ways to blend these online literacy resources into your daily instruction. You could choose to assign specific titles or topics to students. You could use the nonfiction resources to help build background knowledge and vocabulary for ELL students. You could build these tools into your modules as choices for students to work on independently while you meet small groups or one on one. I hope you and your students enjoy using these tools!

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