Friday, September 4, 2020

Filtering Phonics Throughout Your Day

Last year, our school district had the pleasure of working with Celena Larkey. We studied the components of balanced literacy in first and second grade. She shared this visual with teachers:

In this visual, word study is at the top. What is taught in word study should filter into every other part of balanced literacy. This supports what I have learned about early literacy and how children learn to read. Phonological/phoneme awareness and phonics instruction are critical. These need to be taught explicitly and systematically. Sprinkling your phonics instruction into all parts of your literacy block is a great way to maximize instruction and support student growth.

I have been able to work in a first grade classroom during literacy time this past week and next, so I've have an opportunity to try out some of this work.

What I've tried:

Shared reading is a great opportunity to weave together phonics lessons and reading workshop lessons. This past week I used shared reading to practice consonant digraphs, retelling, and rereading to smooth out your voice. 

During the phonics lessons this upcoming week I will be teaching the class the -ng phonemes. We will learn and practice -ang, -ing, -ong, -ung. In reading workshop the class is learning to reread to see more, look at all parts of a word, and to scoop up more words into phrases. Check out the plans below for next week.

A blank planning template can be found here: Shared Reading Weekly Plans

I chose a text that incorporates the -ng phonemes and supports the comprehension and fluency strategies taught in reading workshop. This lesson plan incorporates phonological/phonemic awareness, phonics, and reading comprehension. It gives students an opportunity to apply multiple skills and strategies, that might have been taught in isolation, in one text. 

The best part of all? The students LOVED it! They were all super engaged! The repeated practice across the week provided all students with access to the text and and the skills. The short 15 minute lessons kept student attention the whole time. I'm excited to try another round of shared reading next week.

I encourage you to think about how you are filtering your word study instruction onto other components of your literacy block. Shared reading is a perfect place to start! I would love to coplan some lessons with you and model shared reading in your classroom. 

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